Energy doesn't lie. Tune in!

Breathe the energy of the city, let yourself be carried away by its dynamism, follow the flow!

Run as fast as the days, but mark the time by savoring the moments.

It freezes the simplicity of any moment in a snapshot that comes out in 3 minutes from an automatic machine, prints the moments of negligible happiness.

Lose yourself in small talk, even if you have appointments waiting for you, at most you will be late.

Play, at the supermarket or in the laundry, the to do list runs out faster if you have fun!

Eat carbohydrates without worries, summer is far away again!

Back to the city has never been so fun: tune in to the chaos of September, a centrifuge of good intentions, expectations and new stimuli!

Rewrite your routine also made up of breaks and smiles, the city will be an excellent travel companion!