Curiosity is an attitude, an instinct.

Being curious pushes us to steal with our eyes, to perceive even the slightest change: always discovering new textures or yarns, experimenting with the most unusual combinations of colors and materials.


In accordance with the Made in Italy tradition, the attention to detail and accurate workmanship make even the simplest and most essential garments special.

Searching and marveling, continuously: this is our approach every time a new collection is designed, boundless curiosity is the essence of our work. Contemporary, eclectic and refined, the ALYSI woman knows how to make even the most metropolitan everyday life sophisticated.


ALYSI was founded in 1996 and is still led today by the founding family, who with passion and dedication have dedicated themselves to the growth of the Brand for years, strong in their values ​​but with an eye always attentive to new trends.

The core business consists of women's clothing collections, which are accompanied by a line of accessories and shoes, called Accessorireria.

The attention to workmanship, the choice of fabrics, the research into shapes and materials, the study of volumes and the creation of personalized and exclusive prints and graphics represent the now unmistakable DNA of the Brand.

Combining the tradition of Made in Italy and the quality of artisanal manufacturing with the most innovative distribution and stylistic logics: this is the direction on which the team works daily, with passion and perseverance. Internationalization is one of the levers on which the brand is focusing most: to date the ALYSI collections are present in 16 countries with more than 700 multi-brand stores. The objective is to increasingly strengthen the image in the Italian market, and establish the Brand in the greatest number of countries beyond national borders.