It is the best possible sign of a color when nobody who sees it knows what to call it. John Ruskin, 1859

The ALYSI showroom becomes a nursery where new visions grow. A combination of interactive experiences and exhibition proposals create a new hybrid and unexpected format. COLOUR: UNKNOWN is a series of events dedicated to curiosity, oriented towards surprise and sensorial observation, curated by Sara Maragotto of Studio Fludd and hosted by ALYSI's Garden House.

The central theme of the project is the valorization of the peculiar characteristics of the female mind: the integration of contradictory aspects, the aptitude for evolution and eclecticism, the complexity of emotions. Color - an aspect that strongly characterizes ALYSI's stylistic research - becomes an exploratory tool of the inexhaustible territory of everyday and universal things, sometimes elusive to the mind, but a source of continuous visual cues.

This intuitive and aesthetic dimension unites the vision of the Italian brand with other voices in the creative field, with which it wants to inaugurate an exchange and the creation of a common playground, open to all. Direct experience will be the most spontaneous form of involvement, with a sensorial and interactive installation curated by Studio Fludd and Eleonora Diana, which will develop the theme of changing color in an empirical way.

For its debut, the COLOR : UNKNOWN exhibition project starts from the known to arrive at the unknown: the beauty of complexity will be sought in its most immediate and fascinating expression. The first episode features an unprecedented intervention by an exceptional guest: the Dutch artist Ruth Van Beek, known for her imagery of figures that are both ordinary, unpredictable and kaleidoscopic. Starting from archive material, Ruth creates completely reinvented worlds through manipulation, cutting, folding, the addition of color fields and alienating elements. The materiality of the color, the textures and the combination of materials, the sophisticated and at the same time ironic atmosphere are themes and practices specific to the ALYSI collections, which have inspired the artist in his works.

In the transformed space of the showroom, the ALYSI world will expand in an engaging dialogue with the artist and the public, putting its guiding attitude at the center: Curiosity is an attitude.

Concept by Sara Maragotto. Installation and layout by Studio Fludd, with the technical direction of Eleonora Diana. Guest artist: Ruth Van Beek. Visual identity Studio Fludd + Chiara Costa. Pr: Luisa Bertoldo