Collection Chocolat

The perfect balance between masculine and feminine is found once again in the choice of volumes, silhouettes and materials.

Lighter and more impalpable fabrics are mixed the more structured ones.

Plain and simple surfaces take turn with the more special and rich ones - such as the baroque remix series from the Pre-collection or the sablé here in the Main Collection, with its embroidered details and lurex inserts to form an ethnical pattern.


Special effects are added to play down and make lively precious or classic fabrics by definition: the linen is crinkled and the pinstripe fades into a delicate tie-dye, because the summer wardrobe is to experiment and entertain.

X-ray leaves embellished with brilliant embroidery, tropical atmospheres in bright colors, micro and macro motifs that fit together to remind Moroccan carpet patterns: the desire to travel and discover faraway places has been translated into prints to decorate and complete the SS21 Collection .